Pronto Response

Same as: Approximation of Value, except we do it quicker, usually within 24 hours. Use this service to get timely advice on art evaluations. This is especially useful to those participating in online auctions. Find out if that "Too good to be true" price you con pay for a noted artist is in fact, not true. This service is also for those who just can't wait to know. This is not for insurance, estate, or tax use.

For best results, Please follow the guidelines.

Photographing the Artwork: If you can, hire a professional, if not , it is best to take pictures outside on an overcast day.

Use the flash feature if available. take pictures of the front and back. Take close-ups of any details such as: Signature, printing of any kind, monograms,, any main features,  labels, and any damage or irregularities. Convert the images to .jpg format and attach to an e-mail message.

Take measurements of the outside dimensions: width, height and depth.